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A little more than two months ago, I wrote a post about my feelings on different types of fibers. One of the things that I noted was that for the most part, I really don’t like acrylic yarn. It often seems to get stringy, untwist, and some of them are really scratchy.

But, there has been one exception to that: Knit Picks’ Brava lines. It comes in sport, worsted, and bulky weights. It hasn’t had any of the problems that I mentioned above and it’s affordable. I used it for my Dude’s Cross Cable Gauntlets pattern after I finalized the stitch counts and it turned out really well. It was smooth, didn’t itch, stretched nicely when I flexed my hand, and also didn’t look cheap like some acrylic yarns do:

They're comfy, but I unfortunately finished them after it was a bit too warm here to need them.

While that project turned out really well, the one that sold me on Brava has been working on the granny square blanket that I’ve been working on for a coworker who is expecting this summer. I have been doing the blanket with bulky weight with really bright colors (frankly, I hate doing things for babies in pastels).

This has turned out amazingly well so far and is super soft.

The lesson that I have learned from this is that I can’t judge an entire fiber based on a few types of one yarn. Who knows, there may be hope for cotton yarn for me yet.

Update: I actually wrote this post on 04/17/12, but for some reason the posting didn’t stick.


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