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I am Number 4, part 2

I know, I’m a bad knitting blogger that hasn’t blogged in quite a while. I’ve been pretty slow about knitting lately and trying to work on one project at a time and haven’t been taking too many photos because a lot of them are prototypes. Also, one of the projects is the secret project. Yes, I’m still working on the secret project.

One project that I did finish somewhat recently is my Doctor Who 4th Doctor scarf for my Halloween costume. It was a ton of work but was totally worth it in the end.

The finished 4th Doctor scarf.

The finished 4th Doctor scarf.

Currently, I’m working mainly on a scarf for my aunt for a holiday gift (I’ll post pictures after it’s finished and blocked). I’m also spending some time on the secret project but will post a pic when that’s done.

Well, I know it’s a short post, but that’s all for now.


I am number four

I know, I know, I’m a bad blogger for not having updated in quite a while. I promise, I have been working on a few fun projects, but I can’t show you the one because it’s a secret.

So what have I been up to since the last post:

  • Lots of work
  • Trip to Disney World (first time!)
  • Secret fiber project
  • Halloween costume scarf

Work has been keeping me quite busy lately. I don’t mind being busy at work. I like my job a lot and I’m the type of person who would much rather be busy than be bored. There is only so much interesting internet that one can look at.

After making his yearly pilgrimages to the cartoon holy land, the partner finally convinced me to go along. I loved it and am really looking forward to going back at some point. I had way more fun than I could have imagined. Despite doing a lot while we were there, it was still really relaxing.

The secret fiber project is secret. Duh.

Even though I enjoyed the movie and really like the books (I’m working on the third now), the post title of “I am number four” is actually a play on words. I have been threatening for a while to make a 4th Doctor scarf from Doctor Who. For those who don’t know, Doctor Who is a British scifi show that was started in the early 1960s and ran through the late 1980s and then was rebooted in 2005. So now that I am going to dress up as the 4th Doctor for Halloween this year, I had an excuse to make the scarf. My colors are slightly off, but I’m happy with how it’s turning out. I’m using a pattern for the 13th season scarf from wittylittleknitter.com.

Season 13 Fourth Doctor scarf as of 10/07/12

I’m a little picky, so after the first few color changes, I switched how I did it so they’re  more invisible. Time and remaining yarn permitting, I might go ahead with the season 12.5 scarf because the pattern is the same as the season 13 with a few more stripes (looks like about a foot) at the end.

WiPW 06/13/2012

It’s been quite a while since I posted one of these so I figured why not do another.

The first project isn’t a work in progress, but I’m posting about it because I have FINALLY finished it. Is it because the pattern was particularly hard to knit? No, it was because I’m not a big fan of sewing, especially hand sewing. These two pillows have been stuffed for at least a month and I was too lazy to sew up the stuffing hole until last night. And yes, they are a little bit over stuffed because I’m really bad at judging just how much is enough stuff.

Cellular cables pillow in green

Cellular cables pillow in brown

I absolutely, positively love the fabric that Adam helped me pick out for these! I was originally looking for something that had both brown and green in it and didn’t look like poo. Then adam pulled this one off of the shelf and it totally works for both colors. Plus, that type of pattern is a style that I really, really like (if you know the name of it, please let me know in the comments!).

I’m also getting ready to work on a variation of this pattern to produce larger pillows. These ones are about 16×10 inches. The larger pillows will be knit with the same yarn but in black. I’m also hoping to make them more square. The fabric that I got for the larger pillows is very similar to the one used on the brown and green pillows, but the light and dark sections are inverted and the fabric is black and white.

Up next is the updated version of the scarf I knit for my mom last year. The pattern is a simple one that I tweaked the edges on to help keep it from rolling inwards after it has finished blocking. This yarn is one of my favorite color combinations and I’m going to try figure it out whenever I attempt to learn how to dye yarn (the yarn line has been discontinued).

This is one of the fastest scarves that I have knit

Last, but certainly not least, is the start of the Chunky Baby Blanket from MakeOne. This blanket is the first I have done in KnitPicks’ Biggo yarn (the same as the pillows above) and I think it will turn out well.

The color is slightly lighter than the picture (I could not get it quite right when editing) and is called green tea

WIPW 11/30/2011

I took a bit of a break from knitting for Thanksgiving. I still did a wee little bit, but not as much as usual.

The family received their gifts, but are waiting until the holidays to open them. I think they’ll be happy…and warm because it gets rather cold in Pittsburgh in the winter (part of why I moved south).

I’m still failing with my one project at a time, so here are my current four projects. Maybe it’s the ADHD.

The first baby hat I've worked on for Max.

Max is the baby of a work friend and he is going to be a year old in a few weeks! This is the first baby hat that I’ve knit. I keep freaking out thinking that I screwed it up because it’s so small and then I have to remind myself that it’s for a one year old.

Still working on Emily's scarf, but it's coming along.

I love this yarn for Emily’s scarf…so of course it was recently discontinued! But it fits her style perfectly and the scarf is really coming along. It’s probably got about two and a half feet to go. I am also going to have to block the hell out of it, but that’s fine because I’ve gotten pretty good at blocking. I’m thinking tassels that are longer than I usually put on scarves for this one.

I've done a bit of work on the garland.

Along with getting two more mittens finished, I have one of the four cords crocheted. In the process of ordering some yarn, I completely forgot the last color that I was missing so it may not be 100% done in time for the holidays, but I’ll probably get it done over my nice, long holiday break. As you can see, it includes blue, purple, and red. It will also include orange, yellow, yellow-ish green, forest green, and pink.

The start of my granny square afghan.

And last but not least, my first crochet project: a granny square afghan. This is a project I can work on slowly and get some basic crochet practice in. I’m missing one of the squares in the picture. I’m sure I’ll find it at some point. The colors are made to match one of the throw pillows in my living room because I liked the color combo.

If you missed it, there is a new page on my blog that I will be populating early next year ;).

WIPW…On Thursday!

I finally managed to get pictures together for a Work in Progress Wednesday. This one is extra special because it’s on a Thursday! *crickets chirping in the background* Yeah, I knew it wasn’t as funny as I thought it could be.

You may remember me mentioning several posts ago that I was going to start focusing on one project at a time to make sure I’m able to get them all finished. Anyone who knows me and has seen the ADHD in action knows that that lasted maybe a week. So currently I’ve got four going on, one is just about finished.

First up is the hat that I’m working on for my sister.

You may notice that the hat looks just about done.

The body of the hat is done. I still need to find a good pattern for the flower that is going to go on the side. I had a pattern for one but, after knitting it, it was way too small.

Up next is Emily’s scarf:

I love this colorway

When I first saw this colorway called Nevermore by KnitPicks, I knew that it was perfect for Emily. This is a pattern I created called Dueling Cables. It features two cables twisting in opposite directions and is framed nicely on both sides with wide bands in stockinette stitch. I will definitely add lots and lots of tassels to the ends of this one.

More interior decorating:

First pillow pattern that I have created use KnitPicks new line called Biggo.

This is the first pattern for a pillow that I have created. This is another pillow where one side will be knitted and the other will be a piece of fabric. It’s difficult to see the pattern too much in the work because I’ve only completed one repeat. The pillow is edged with stockinette stitch followed by a cable on each side with a pattern called cell stitching in the middle that is a grouping using cabling methods. This is the first time that I’ve used KnitPicks’ new line of bulky weight yarn called Biggo which is perfect for this type of project because it is soft, comfy, and is also washable.

Last, but certainly not least, a pattern called Smitten which is a holiday garland:

This is an awesome pattern that I can't wait to finish and hang up

So this pattern is a really cute pattern that has a bunch of tiny little mittens hung on a set of cords. It’ll be really colorful when it’s done and hung up for the holidays. I have lots more mittens to go plus the cords.

Needless to say, these will keep me busy for a while which works for me. Also, this weekend is the first knitting get together that the one social group I belong to has decided to have and I’m really looking forward to it.

Scarves, Scarves, Scarves

I know, I know, everyone starts their adventures in knitting with a scarf. In it’s most basic form, it’s just a long rectangle. My first scarf was just one long scarf done in two colors in garter stitch. Looking at it now, I can see that it’s a mess because of the numbers of stitches that I ended up dropping on accident and then adding back to try to get it even.

It's actually not bad for my first scarf and does look nice. Plus, it will go well with my winter coat.

The first pattern I designed was a scarf (yes, I may have been knitting for under a year, but I have designed a pattern already). It’s just a simple scarf with a cable running down the middle with a nice stockinette and garter stitch along the edges for my mom for a holiday gift.

First pattern I designed and my second scarf. It looks great and the colorway was awesome for this pattern.

Scarves are great for gift giving. I decided that since I was making a scarf as a gift for my mom, it’d be cool to do the same for the rest of the family. Dad’s is a basket weave in a gray and black variegated yarn from Knit Picks (like the colorway for Mom’s scarf, this one is also discontinued). My sister’s is bright pink in a raspberry stitch. Both came out great and I’m really happy with them.

All of the scarves I've made laid out together.

A close up of the scarves together. (I left mine out because I'm not sure where I put it away for the summer, haha)

So am I done with scarves for a while? Nope. A work friend got some great yarn from Knit Picks for me to make a scarf for her. The colorway is called Nevermore in their Wool of the Andes Swish Tonals in worsted weight. The scarf is a pattern I created called “Dueling Cables” that has two cables running down the center twisting in opposite directions with stockinette edges along both sides. I can’t wait to get started on it 🙂

This colorway will look awesome in the pattern and is definitely a good fit for Emily (who I'm making the scarf for)

Work in Progress Wednesday

I now have socks! Well, a sock. I’ve still got to knit the other foot, but at least I have one sock done now. Despite making it through a sock and not having much trouble with it (other than not have a smaller size needle or crochet hook for picking up stitches on the heel flap), I still don’t think this is a project I’ll do again. Or if I do it again, it’ll be very rare.

Why is this a work in progress? I'd look awful funny wearing only one sock on two feet. I think that would stretch it out as well.

Yes, the sock is gigantic. I have humongous feet. The nice thing about knitting a pair of socks for myself is that they are custom made for my humongous and differently sized feet (yes, I have two way differently sized feet that will be obvious when I finish the second sock and have one next to the other).

The scarf for  my sister is slowly coming along. Now it’s back to about the size it was before I had to frog it (pull it apart) and start over because of the dye lots. This is a pattern that I definitely like and would be willing to use again.

Kati's scarf is coming along. I really like the subtle striping which is really easy to see in this picture.

So once these projects are finished, I’ve got one more that is definitely planned to do after. I’m also thinking about knitting a holiday stocking for the partner and myself after finding a cool pattern on Ravelry (this likely will require a log in). Although, if I do decide to knit that pattern, I’m going to have to tweak it so that the toe of the stocking isn’t so droopy. I think the problem is caused because the stockings are knit like two flat planels rather than a three dimensional object like a sock that has been flattened. We shall see.

And yes, I am well aware that this post is title Work in Progress Wednesday and it’s Thursday. I figured I’d wait and post some better looking pictures taken in decent light rather than the crappy dark ones from last night that I couldn’t Photoshop to look decent.

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