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So as a web programmer (yes, aside from knitting, I also help build new sites and applications on the interwebs), I often think that link pages are kind of in the “meh” and “I love the 90’s!” categories, but it seems fitting here.

KnitPicks.com – I’ve used it for a few projects now and I can totally recommend it. It’s great quality and quite affordable. Just be careful, you might spend a lot in one go, but you’ll still get a lot.

Ravelry.com – Where my stitches at? No, really, I put the work down and can’t find it…oh wait…here it is. Seriously though, great place to not only keep track of your projects, yarn stash, and needle collection, but also lots of great patterns and knitting community groups can be found.

wittylittleknitter.com – Srsly, who doesn’t like the fourth Doctor’s scarves? This site has patterns for a lot of his scarves. I kind of hate the original Doctor Who at the same level as I love the new one (which, is actually quite a bit being the new one is of my top 3 favorite shows), but I’ve got to admit that Tom Baker, despite being the only doctor from the original series whose episodes I can actually watch, had some great scarves. The longest was 26 feet. That’d make for some sore knitting hands. As well as take effin’ forever.

States That Touch – This is a blog from a work friend that I always enjoy reading (when she updates it ~nudge, nudge~). Emily is a great writer and her blog posts are always good for a boring day to make it better.

Make-One (@make1inc)- This site has some great patterns on it, some of which are free. If you’re looking for great gifts for a baby shower, I recommend the Chunky Baby Pillow and the Chunky Baby Blanket. I’ve even made a pillow at home. If you make either, try it with KnitPicks Wool of the Andes Bulky Hand-Dyed or regular Wool of the Andes Bulky which will need to be adjusted with more stitches, or you could try their new line called Biggo which knits right to the pattern’s designated size.

Knit1Eat1 – A blog by a fellow dude who knits (@knit1eat1) by the name of Nathan. He also posts lots of recipes that look quite yummy and make me jealous that I’m not quite that good or brave of a cook to try them.

O.Jolly – Another knitter that I follow on Twitter (@ojollyknitting) that does a lot of machine knitting. I haven’t braved into that world yet, but when I decide to give it a try, I will definitely check out her blog more. And after Googling, I’m wondering if she’s the same Olgalyn Jolly featured on a Bob Sinclar song because I really like his music.

Oh, I’ll definitely add more as I find them. Feel free to let me know some worth adding.


What are your thoughts?

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