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Baby blanket and new pattern!

It took a little while and involved a bit of tweaking to get the sizing right as well as my own addition, but I managed to finish the Chunky Baby Blanket I’ve been working on for a while for a coworker that is expecting their first baby next month. I’m very happy with how it turned out and with the ribbons to tie it when it’s rolled for easier storage and transporting. Below are a few quick (and I apologize for not very good) snapshots of the final product.

Knit side of the blanket

Fabric side of the blanket

The blanket rolled with the ribbons tied.

The other news for this post is that I have a new pattern posted on Ravelry. The pattern is the On The Cables Hat that I have done several versions of. The pattern is available for sale for $2.


A big project finished!

I’ve been working on it for quite a while, but I have FINALLY finished the oversized granny square baby blanket for my coworker who is expecting her first child in early July. My goal was originally to have the blanket completely finished by the end of May, but that had to get pushed back not once, but twice because I ran out of yarn.

I have learned three things from this project:

  1. Crochet takes up way more yarn that I ever expected, possibly even more than knitting
  2. I’ve become quite good and fast at crochet
  3. While this was a fun learning experience and I enjoyed both working on it and the final product, I think projects this large will be reserved in the future for close friends and family

Now for the part you’ve been waiting all of two (three if you count this one) paragraphs for, the pictures!

The baby’s mom’s favorite color is pink so I made the border pink with a dark pinkish-purple line along the very edge.

Close up of a corner showing the detail of the edging and a few of the squares.

A close up picture of the blanket folded to show both the detail and the colors.

I took this picture at an angle to try to show the thickness of the blanket. I think at this point it had only been folded 4 times.

This blanket was done using just about 16 skeins (2,176 yards [that’s 1.25 miles!]/1,989.6m [that’s almost 2 kilometers!]) of KnitPicks’ Brava Bulky yarn in orange(2), canary(2), corn flower(2), rouge(3.5), fairy tale(2.5), and pea pod(2).

P.S. If you hate acrylic yarn, I challenge you to try something with this yarn. I HATED acrylic yarn until I used this one. It’s soft, doesn’t get stringy, and feels like an expensive yarn. My partner who is very sensitive to touching textures even likes the feel of it.

WIPW 03/14/2012

I haven’t done one of these in a while so I figured it was about time. The funny part of this Work in Progress Wednesday post is that it doesn’t have any knitting projects in it. Yes, you read that correctly. It’s about crocheting because I needed to switch gears for a bit.

First up is the granny square afghan I’m making for me. The colors are taken from a pillow that I have in my living room and really like the colors of.

It's coming along quite nicely. Yes, it may only be 5 squares, but I FINALLY decided on a color flow I liked.

It’s true that I have been working on this for a while and various squares have popped up in posts pretending to be for this blanket. I wasn’t happy with the single and two tone squares so I figured out a 4 round variation that I liked and keeps brown as the joining color which is what I had planned to do.

The other project technically hasn’t started yet. I’m going to be crocheting a granny square blanket for a coworker who has a baby due this summer. I decided that since it is for a baby, I wanted to use bright colors (pastels were created by Satan). I also wanted to add a little more obviousness to the texture for the baby so I am going to be using bulky weight yarn. I’m going to try to make this big enough that she can keep using it into the toddler years at the very least. Below is a picture of the colors that I am going to be using for it.

For both blankets, I’m using the join as you go method that I learned from Attic24’s great blog while browsing around there. I love looking at her work because it is all brightly colored and though I’m not a cheery person, you can’t help but be happy from the bright colors.

I’ve also started reading through Beyond the Square Crochet Motifs. I’m not very far into it yet, but I’ve already learned some great crochet tips from it. Hopefully some of the fun shapes will make their way into my afghan somehow. I have to say, though they can often be a little pricey, I really like the knitting and crochet books I’ve bought so far because they are full color and use text book weight paper in them.

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