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Work in Progress Wednesday

I’ve managed to post again for WiPW. This one will be short, though.

Here is that hat I have been working on:

It's getting there

This hat is made with some Knit Picks Dishie yarn that I have left. Dishie is a nice and soft, lighter yarn that also is quite strong. I decided to use it for a hat because anyone who has met me or seen pictures has seen that I was [un]lucky enough to inherit the thin hair genes from both sides of my family so going out in the sun in the summer burns my scalp.

My original goal was to use a pattern that I got on Ravelry and knit this hat over the weekend. I did a swatch to make sure I had the proper gauge and I had it. The circumference of the hat was supposed to be 19 inches…but despite the fact that I’m a loose knitter when it comes to hats, I’m not sure this one would’ve fit my friends’ infant. So I frogged what I had done and decided to make up my own pattern. It’s very, very loosely based on another pattern that I like for bulky weight yearn. Dishie is a worsted weight yarn, so I would’ve had to do some adjusting anyway and decided to try my hand at a hat pattern.

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