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Dude’s Cross Cable Gauntlets

After 7 tries, I’ve finally gotten this pattern perfect. Yes, it really did take 7 tries. It was worth it for the final product.

Below are some pictures of the left glove. There are spots where it is a little bit rough, but I did figure out how to solve that problem (I was knitting too tight along the cabled part). One thing to note is that the glove is only in two colors because I ran out of the first color. However, it did give me an idea for notes that I’m going to add to the project about adding a second color along the edges and possibly for the thumb.

The cables on each glove are mirrored. Yes, my dog is a ham for the camera and always needs to try to be in the picture.

Palm side of the glove is flat so that is comfortable.

The thumb has a tight knit and is smooth with no gaps.

Close up view of the cables.

The prototypes were done in Knit Picks’ Swish worsted. The ones I’m actually going to make for myself are going to be done in their Brava line. It’s the only acrylic I’ve tried so far that has knit for me like wool and that I haven’t minded the feel of.

I haven’t been knitting much lately. That’s not a bad thing, though. It’s actually a good thing. I started knitting as a meditative and relaxing hobby. I haven’t been as stressed lately so I haven’t needed the hobby. But don’t worry, I have still been fitting some knitting in 🙂

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