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Baby blanket and new pattern!

It took a little while and involved a bit of tweaking to get the sizing right as well as my own addition, but I managed to finish the Chunky Baby Blanket I’ve been working on for a while for a coworker that is expecting their first baby next month. I’m very happy with how it turned out and with the ribbons to tie it when it’s rolled for easier storage and transporting. Below are a few quick (and I apologize for not very good) snapshots of the final product.

Knit side of the blanket

Fabric side of the blanket

The blanket rolled with the ribbons tied.

The other news for this post is that I have a new pattern posted on Ravelry. The pattern is the On The Cables Hat that I have done several versions of. The pattern is available for sale for $2.


FPF (Finished Project Friday) 12/02/2011

Holy s**t crap, how is it already December? Apparently time flies when you’re an adult.

So for my second Finished Project Friday post, I will keep it brief. I finished Max’s hat for his first birthday!

All done!

Thanks to Vashte from MakeOne (@makeone on Twitter) for another great pattern.

The baby blanket

I decided to sit down today and rip the stitches out of the blanket and start over. If you missed the last post, I managed to sew the knitting and material together so that the right side of the fabric was showing but the wrong side of the knitting. Just can’t keep those beautiful cables on the inside.

This pattern is for MakeOne’s chunky baby blanket, but made with bulky yarn (for the next baby that comes along to friends, I will adjust the pattern a bit for a better knit). Vashte creates some beautiful patterns that I have loved using. If you’re not following her on twitter, you should now @make1inc.

Without me blabbing on more, here are a few pictures (all can be seen here):

Finished baby blanket with fabric side up and baby pillow

Rolled up and ready to go

P.S. I think cable knit has become one of my favorite knit patterns 🙂

Great at knitting…suck at sewing

So this week I’ve kind of taken a break from knitting a bit. Not that I don’t still enjoy it, I just wanted to spend some time reading and programming (my profession that I am also quite decent at and really enjoy).

The break started last Sunday. I finished knitting the baby blanket last Saturday and despite turning out a bit smaller than intended, it still looked great (I’ll adjust the pattern for bulky yarn if I ever decide to do it again [not because of the knitting, read on to see why]). I was a little bored Monday evening and decided to pin together the blanket so that I could sew it together.

If you’ve read the post about the baby pillows, you can see that I got an awesome knit and colorway and I couldn’t have found a more perfect fabric to match. The pillows were easy: sew together 3.5 sides, stuff, whip stitch closed by hand.

Now, if you’ve been following my progress on this blog, it’s not hard to tell that I’ve picked it up pretty quickly and can create rather nice looking knit items. In the form of a MasterCard commercial:

  • Knitting the knit part – easy
  • Pinning together – took 3 tries
  • Sewing – attempt number 6 and still not right

Getting it sewn together and realizing the you pinned the knit part in wrong so that when you pull it inside out the wrong side is showing…priceless. Well, maybe not priceless, I think my already thin hair has become thinner.

So tomorrow (or Sunday), I will rip the seams out and go for another attempt and hopefully get it right. I will have this blanket done and looking great in time for next Sunday afternoon.

Despite my love for this pattern, I think may stick to pillows and knit wear that doesn’t require sewing for a while and get some more practice at sewing. I love the MakeOne pillow pattern and definitely can see more baby gifts in the future when those I know have babies.

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