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2013 Knitting Resolutions

I don’t really like the idea of creating new years resolutions, but I think it’ll be fun to do some knitting related resolutions. So here are my knitting resolutions for 2013:

  • Only use yarn currently in my stash and don’t buy anymore until it’s gone (or I’m doing a very specific project for a gift)
  • Organize my yarn stash a lot better so I can find things when I’m looking for them
  • Learn how to dye yarn
  • Learn at least one new knitting technique
  • Learn at least one new crochet technique
  • Only knit baby gifts for people I know really well
  • Attempt to sell some things I’ve made online that I’m likely not going to use myself or for a gift

I realized when trying to start organizing my stash, that I have managed to acquire quite a bit of yarn. I think my ADHD kicks in a little when I see it and go, “OOO PRETTY COLORS!” As for organizing my stash, I need to figure out exactly how I want to do that. I’m a little hyper organized at times so it’s surprising that I have yet to fully organize it.

I definitely want to learn how to dye yarn at some point so I can just create exactly the colors I’m looking for. I think this one won’t happen until I actually use up most of my stash because I would need to get dye and base yarn for dying.

I’m not sure exactly what knitting and crochet techniques I’d like to learn, I’m just always up for learning something new. Perhaps for knitting I can learn more about binding off and sock knitting. Crochet I’d like to learn better in general. I can easily rock out a granny square, but I haven’t done much else.

So I know that the cutting back on baby gifts seems mean, but they are really time consuming. I’ve also had a few people pretty much say to me that they are expecting one and it really rubbed me the wrong way.

As for the last one, there is no sense in those things sitting around if someone else might like them 🙂

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