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Baby blanket and new pattern!

It took a little while and involved a bit of tweaking to get the sizing right as well as my own addition, but I managed to finish the Chunky Baby Blanket I’ve been working on for a while for a coworker that is expecting their first baby next month. I’m very happy with how it turned out and with the ribbons to tie it when it’s rolled for easier storage and transporting. Below are a few quick (and I apologize for not very good) snapshots of the final product.

Knit side of the blanket

Fabric side of the blanket

The blanket rolled with the ribbons tied.

The other news for this post is that I have a new pattern posted on Ravelry. The pattern is the On The Cables Hat that I have done several versions of. The pattern is available for sale for $2.


K25 idea (Patterns, part 3?)

Now that I have finalized all of the pattern parts for my Dude’s Cross Cable Gauntlets, I need to sit down and make it all pretty in Publisher so that I can share it. When that thought hit me, I realized that I have yet to write down the pattern for the Cellular Cables pillow pattern I designed (as well as sew the knit halves to the material). I need to finalize the pattern for a scarf that I made for a coworker a while back.

I had a few posts a while back about creating patterns. Since I wrote those, I noticed that if I get bored and look around, I can usually find someone wearing something that has been knitted. Often my mind will go to thinking about how the pattern was knit. After I think I’ve figured the pattern out, I think about what I would tweak. I suppose it’s one of those, “OOOO! Shiny object!” ADHD things a bit, but just so you don’t think I’m a total freak, I often also thing about web design interfaces and video games when I’m bored as well.

For those who don’t know me (or those who do and have somehow forgotten) Kylie Minogue is my favorite singer. I have pattern ideas in my head that I was thinking about naming after some of her songs. Then, an idea struck me: this year is the 25th anniversary of her first record so why not have a whole series of patterns for about a year that are named after and inspired by her songs? This could also be my first adventure in selling knitted items on Etsy.

I got to thinking more (you know, like I do) and tried to come up with a way to make it better. I realized that Kylie and my paternal grandmother have something in common: they both had breast cancer. What better way to improve the original idea than donating part of everything I sold to breast cancer research? So that is one of my ideas for a project set over a year.

Some examples of the patterns I have in my head now for this project (with a link to a video of the song on YouTube if that could help you picture it):

  • In My Arms (gals): fingerless gloves that open just past the wrist and are tied with ribbon just past the elbow. I’d likely have a darker version with pops of purple and blue and a version that is fuchsia and white or cream striped – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nj6IKIPteuE&ob=av2e
  • Get Outta My Way (gals): long, narrow, symmetrical scarf that makes use of a modified version of the chevron pattern I used in my Chevron Hat pattern. I’m thinking shades of blue and white to match the cover of the album this song was on – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BHGaW8lBlSk&ob=av2e
  • 2 Hearts (mostly guys, but gals could pull it off): a red, black, and white beanie mainly for guys. I might add a brim. – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JcGnoqUvLCg
  • Chocolate (gals): a cowl worn like a hood and draped a bit over the shoulders in shades of brown. Two color variations I also have in mind are the fuchsia and white/cream strips from In My Arms and possibly a checkered, double-knit one in those colors (clearly that one would be a one-of-a-kind). – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KyMjCg7JNrM
  • Locomotion (gals): leg warmers done in neon colors as a throwback to the 80s. – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3xxjR1IJRHk (not that you need a link, if you haven’t heard this song before no matter what age you are, you live under a rock)
  • White Diamond (gals): fingerless gloves that go a few inches past the wrist have, you guessed it, diamonds worked into the pattern. (Sadly, this song was never released, but she has performed it live in several shows) – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HQTyn0p_5MQ

Well, those are 6 ideas so far. My goal is to have between 10 and 15 different patterns. These patterns also aren’t set in stone.

If you’re a Kylie fan as well, any suggestions for songs to think of pattern to match? As you can see, I’m having trouble with some of her older material. I’d also like to think of some more patterns that guys can wear as well.

Patterns, part 2

Now that the holidays, along with my last minute rush to finish gifts, are over, I have slowed down knitting a little bit. I work it into my days/weeks more so now to give myself a time of relaxing and meditation.

I realized that despite all of the knitting I did last year (excluding a few things for around the house) I hadn’t knit anything for myself. I decided that this needed to be changed and wanted to do something practical. I needed a pair of fingerless gloves for work. Fingerless gloves are a perfect choice because you can still type and your hands stay warm.

As usual, my first stop was Ravelry to do a pattern search. For me, pattern searches are often like looking at “one” video on YouTube and I come away from the computer a few hours later. I didn’t find any I was in love with and decided to just design my own. Who doesn’t think that right away?

So after my last post, several people asked me why I just designed patterns rather than searching beyond just Ravelry for one that already exists. The truth about why I design patterns comes in three parts:

  1. I do search, but tend to find pieces of patterns that I like and in some cases (like this) not a full pattern.
  2. It’s fun! I love puzzles and to me, taking pieces of patterns that I like and using them as inspiration for new patterns is like putting together a puzzle.
  3. Because I can.

Yes, I know that number 3 is stuck up, but it’s true. I’ve been granted an amazing gift of falling into knitting and picking it up pretty close to instantly. I’m extremely grateful that I was able to pick up a great hobby that is relaxing, meditative, and productive. Along with figuring out how to knit items quickly, I realized I could pull types of stitches together to come with a pattern quickly as well. My mom’s scarf was my 4th project and, though it is very basic and needs some tweaking, I figured it out myself.

I recently saw this great short video on YouTube (see, it’s dangerous, I had been on looking up a knitting technique) called Profile: Joelle Hoverson. Hoverson owns a yarn and fabric store in NYC called Purl. In the video, Hoverson says, “When you knit something for someone, you’re thinking about them. I think it just conveys love.” I totally agree. I also think that when I design a pattern to knit for someone it puts even more love into what I’m working on.

So I guess there is sometimes a fourth reason why I design patterns (in the cases where I’m making a gift at least): It shows that I care a great deal about the person I’m knitting this item for and want to design something just for them.


So even though I posted it on Ravelry a while ago, I finally go around to starting my patterns page on here. True, the page was actually started a while ago, but now it has some real content.

My first free pattern is the Chevron Hat. It’s a quick and easy to knit hat that you can do in your favorite bulky weight yarn.

There are a few things I look for in a good pattern aside from pictures of the final product:

  • I can clearly understand the pattern with only reading it through twice – I honestly usually read patterns through at least twice before deciding whether or not to do them
  • The pattern is complete – I know that sounds ridiculous, but I cannot tell you the number of patterns that I have read where the part of a round/row between the end of a repeating segment and the end of the round/row is missing
  • The text is organized logically into sections and not just one gigantic paragraph written in Word or Notepad
  • If there is a section that can be done multiple ways and a needle size change is required after, it is clearly marked at the end of each option or after all options
  • The pattern is not written using Comic Sans – I’m not kidding, if you use that font, I won’t read the pattern

Bonus points for suggestions and tips that are relavant and not just, “I’m a pro and you’re a n00b and my way is better than everyone else’s!” suggestions.

After all of that, if you read my patterns and there is something that doesn’t make sense or is missing or some other problem, please leave a comment and let me know because I’d love to provide the best patterns that I can.

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