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WiPW 06/13/2012

It’s been quite a while since I posted one of these so I figured why not do another.

The first project isn’t a work in progress, but I’m posting about it because I have FINALLY finished it. Is it because the pattern was particularly hard to knit? No, it was because I’m not a big fan of sewing, especially hand sewing. These two pillows have been stuffed for at least a month and I was too lazy to sew up the stuffing hole until last night. And yes, they are a little bit over stuffed because I’m really bad at judging just how much is enough stuff.

Cellular cables pillow in green

Cellular cables pillow in brown

I absolutely, positively love the fabric that Adam helped me pick out for these! I was originally looking for something that had both brown and green in it and didn’t look like poo. Then adam pulled this one off of the shelf and it totally works for both colors. Plus, that type of pattern is a style that I really, really like (if you know the name of it, please let me know in the comments!).

I’m also getting ready to work on a variation of this pattern to produce larger pillows. These ones are about 16×10 inches. The larger pillows will be knit with the same yarn but in black. I’m also hoping to make them more square. The fabric that I got for the larger pillows is very similar to the one used on the brown and green pillows, but the light and dark sections are inverted and the fabric is black and white.

Up next is the updated version of the scarf I knit for my mom last year. The pattern is a simple one that I tweaked the edges on to help keep it from rolling inwards after it has finished blocking. This yarn is one of my favorite color combinations and I’m going to try figure it out whenever I attempt to learn how to dye yarn (the yarn line has been discontinued).

This is one of the fastest scarves that I have knit

Last, but certainly not least, is the start of the Chunky Baby Blanket from MakeOne. This blanket is the first I have done in KnitPicks’ Biggo yarn (the same as the pillows above) and I think it will turn out well.

The color is slightly lighter than the picture (I could not get it quite right when editing) and is called green tea


Finished Project Friday

I recently noticed that I’ve done a fair number of “Work in Progress Wednesday” posts but I haven’t always shown what the finished product turned out to look like. Sometimes there isn’t a finished product because the project gets frogged, but in most cases, I do finish the project(s) that I am working.

First up, the project that made me learn how to crochet, my sister’s hat:

Kati's hat turned out very nicely and I'd definitely use this pattern again.

The other project that I finished recently is the pillow pattern that I designed:

The pillow after begin blocked.

I suppose you can argue that the pillow isn’t really finished because it’s not sewn and stuffed, but I at least have the knit part finished and blocked. I originally planned to do the repeat of the pattern one more time to make it more square, but ran out of yarn from the hank. I think that being short on yarn worked out and that it will turn out really well as a rectangular pillow. This was my first project using KnitPicks’ newer yarn line called Biggo and I will definitely use it for similar projects in the future.

WIPW…On Thursday!

I finally managed to get pictures together for a Work in Progress Wednesday. This one is extra special because it’s on a Thursday! *crickets chirping in the background* Yeah, I knew it wasn’t as funny as I thought it could be.

You may remember me mentioning several posts ago that I was going to start focusing on one project at a time to make sure I’m able to get them all finished. Anyone who knows me and has seen the ADHD in action knows that that lasted maybe a week. So currently I’ve got four going on, one is just about finished.

First up is the hat that I’m working on for my sister.

You may notice that the hat looks just about done.

The body of the hat is done. I still need to find a good pattern for the flower that is going to go on the side. I had a pattern for one but, after knitting it, it was way too small.

Up next is Emily’s scarf:

I love this colorway

When I first saw this colorway called Nevermore by KnitPicks, I knew that it was perfect for Emily. This is a pattern I created called Dueling Cables. It features two cables twisting in opposite directions and is framed nicely on both sides with wide bands in stockinette stitch. I will definitely add lots and lots of tassels to the ends of this one.

More interior decorating:

First pillow pattern that I have created use KnitPicks new line called Biggo.

This is the first pattern for a pillow that I have created. This is another pillow where one side will be knitted and the other will be a piece of fabric. It’s difficult to see the pattern too much in the work because I’ve only completed one repeat. The pillow is edged with stockinette stitch followed by a cable on each side with a pattern called cell stitching in the middle that is a grouping using cabling methods. This is the first time that I’ve used KnitPicks’ new line of bulky weight yarn called Biggo which is perfect for this type of project because it is soft, comfy, and is also washable.

Last, but certainly not least, a pattern called Smitten which is a holiday garland:

This is an awesome pattern that I can't wait to finish and hang up

So this pattern is a really cute pattern that has a bunch of tiny little mittens hung on a set of cords. It’ll be really colorful when it’s done and hung up for the holidays. I have lots more mittens to go plus the cords.

Needless to say, these will keep me busy for a while which works for me. Also, this weekend is the first knitting get together that the one social group I belong to has decided to have and I’m really looking forward to it.

The baby blanket

I decided to sit down today and rip the stitches out of the blanket and start over. If you missed the last post, I managed to sew the knitting and material together so that the right side of the fabric was showing but the wrong side of the knitting. Just can’t keep those beautiful cables on the inside.

This pattern is for MakeOne’s chunky baby blanket, but made with bulky yarn (for the next baby that comes along to friends, I will adjust the pattern a bit for a better knit). Vashte creates some beautiful patterns that I have loved using. If you’re not following her on twitter, you should now @make1inc.

Without me blabbing on more, here are a few pictures (all can be seen here):

Finished baby blanket with fabric side up and baby pillow

Rolled up and ready to go

P.S. I think cable knit has become one of my favorite knit patterns 🙂

Pillows and double points.

At the moment I’m kind of working on two projects: pillows and a hat to go with Mom’s scarf. The pillows have been kind of an ongoing project and I’ve got three knit, two of which are blocked.

The pillows are based on MakeOne’s Chunky Baby Pillow and these are the second and third I’ve made. Probably a few more to do, plus the chunky baby blanket.


Pillow before it is blocked.

Pillow looks much better after blocking (aside from my crappy photo)

The hat has been a fun project so far. It’s my first experience with double point needles and it has been surprisingly not as bad as I expected. At some point I’ll probably end up trying socks after I get better. The hat isn’t very big right now so no point in posting a picture yet.

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