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Work in Progress Wednesday

I’ve slowed down a bit with knitting lately and have been spreading my time to my other hobbies (web programming and video games) a bit more as of late. As a result, I’ve made some improvements on my framework and written a new module for it and have beaten one video games, made it through the download content of another, and am probably 1/3 of the way through another game.

But not to worry, I’ve still done a bit of knitting. I’ve worked on my sister’s scarf a little, but it’s not much progress to warrant posting a picture. My dad’s scarf, however, has come pretty close to doubling in length. I think it’s got maybe another foot and a half and it’s done.

Not too much longer to go.

I’ve been trying to focus on one knitting project at a time for the most part. I do think that the socks will stay a project that I pick up once in a while as I’m working on other projects. Even though they’re smaller, the socks suck up far more of my time to knit than other things with heavier weight yarn. I think part of that is that I actually have normal sized hands for a guy which is a good thing.

Also, a very happy birthday to my sister who is 22 today!

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