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This evening was the start of my adventure with crocheting. I have owned a few crochet hooks for as long as I have been knitting, but so far they’ve been sitting in the case for my interchangeable knitting needles. They are a very well suited tool for picking up dropped stitches because the hook will hold your stitch as you weave it back up the work.

Up until now, I haven’t had much reason to [re]learn how to crochet. My grandmother taught me a very long time ago how to crochet, but I had since forgotten. My mother also crocheted a very pretty afghan a few years ago that piqued my interest in crocheting, but I was still in college and didn’t have the time to try to relearn it.

But now, I was faced with a problem: all of the flowers that I wanted to attach to my sister’s hat instead of the ugly bow tie that the pattern called for making (no offense to the designers, I just don’t care for the bow tie) required the item to be crocheted. The first pattern that I liked contained terms I wasn’t even able to Google, but then I found a video on Youtube that had the perfect rose bud for the hat.

This is one of the three small rose buds I made for Kati's hat.

Apparently I’m some kind of freak because I picked up crocheting about as fast as I did knitting and whipped up three rose buds in about an hour and a half (including one extra practice one to start so really four). Of course now my interest is piqued and I’m curious to try some other crochet patterns, especially those that involved a combination of knitting and crocheting.

P.S. My lovely work friend Emily (http://statesthattouch.wordpress.com/) has said she is willing to model the hat for me so I will have to post a picture after I snap a few.

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