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Hat and pillows – check!

While my mom and sister were spending the week visiting, I was able to spend a bit of down time and finish the hat to go along with my mom’s scarf as well as sew and stuff the two pillows that I made as gifts for a coworker and friends, both of which of have babies.

The hat was surprisingly easy and I think I would use that pattern again for another hat. The pattern of the yarn definitely worked well. The double pointed needles also ended up not being anywhere near as intimidating as I thought they would be.

Mom's hat

The hat to go with my mom's scarf. It looks a bit pointy, but actually lays down flat when it's on the head.

The pillows turned out to be really cute. The only problem I have with them is that they turned out a good bit smaller than I thought they would. My gauge was a bit off so sewn they ended up being about 10in.x10in. I’m definitely looking forward to making more pillows for home with fabric that is more for grown ups.

Super cute chunky baby pillows

These pillows turned out to be super cute.

So you may ask, what is my next project? Well, I started working on my sister’s scarf. It’s made with Sheep Shop’s Sheep Two (apparently it’s discontinued but I got it from yarn.com). The yarn is super soft so it’ll make a really comfy scarf, though it is a little more difficult to work with because it slides off of the needles really easily because it’s so soft. I’m making the scarf in a raspberry stitch based on this Youtube video:

Here is a picture of the first 12 rows:

Raspberry stitch scarf

Again, sorry for the crappy lighting, but you can kind of see the pattern that it makes.

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