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Socks: the “experience”

You may have noticed by now that I have been attempting to knit a pair of socks and it has been taking me a long time.

After wrapping up the body of a sock last night, I turned the heel this evening and went to pick up the stitches along the heel to continue. I got to the number that I was supposed to pick up and realized that I botched the sock below the body so bad that I had to frog it.

The result of botching a sock to the point that it needs to be frogged.

As if messing up the second sock wasn’t bad enough, I realized that something was missing from the other sock: the heel. I have no idea how I did the sock so wrong and didn’t realize it until I was reading back through the pattern and realized that I had read it wrong for both socks. The first sock doesn’t look terrible, but it does look funny and this also explains why the top scrunches a bit when I put it on.

So despite being decent at knitting so far, I have finally had an experience with something that has ended up not working out.

Despite my previous bitching, I will attempt socks again at some point. I just need a break and think I will stick with my bigger projects (by that I mean projects that use larger needles that I can hold onto a lot easier) like hats and scarves.


Work in Progress Wednesday

I now have socks! Well, a sock. I’ve still got to knit the other foot, but at least I have one sock done now. Despite making it through a sock and not having much trouble with it (other than not have a smaller size needle or crochet hook for picking up stitches on the heel flap), I still don’t think this is a project I’ll do again. Or if I do it again, it’ll be very rare.

Why is this a work in progress? I'd look awful funny wearing only one sock on two feet. I think that would stretch it out as well.

Yes, the sock is gigantic. I have humongous feet. The nice thing about knitting a pair of socks for myself is that they are custom made for my humongous and differently sized feet (yes, I have two way differently sized feet that will be obvious when I finish the second sock and have one next to the other).

The scarf for  my sister is slowly coming along. Now it’s back to about the size it was before I had to frog it (pull it apart) and start over because of the dye lots. This is a pattern that I definitely like and would be willing to use again.

Kati's scarf is coming along. I really like the subtle striping which is really easy to see in this picture.

So once these projects are finished, I’ve got one more that is definitely planned to do after. I’m also thinking about knitting a holiday stocking for the partner and myself after finding a cool pattern on Ravelry (this likely will require a log in). Although, if I do decide to knit that pattern, I’m going to have to tweak it so that the toe of the stocking isn’t so droopy. I think the problem is caused because the stockings are knit like two flat planels rather than a three dimensional object like a sock that has been flattened. We shall see.

And yes, I am well aware that this post is title Work in Progress Wednesday and it’s Thursday. I figured I’d wait and post some better looking pictures taken in decent light rather than the crappy dark ones from last night that I couldn’t Photoshop to look decent.

WiPW and Finished Scarf

This week’s Work in Progress Wednesday is going to be rather short. I haven’t worked on my sister’s scarf at all, but I have worked on my socks quite a bit and finished two other projects.

The sock now has two and a half of the four pattern repeats finished. It is now starting to look much better.

(Sorry for the blurry image) This is a photo I took earlier before doing another 6 rounds (wanted to get a pic with good light)

I’m slowly liking knitting this better…but I’m still thinking right now that this may be my first and last pair of socks.

I didn’t take a picture of the hat because, while I’ll probably wear it here and there, I don’t think the yarn was a good pick for a garment of any sort. I think I’ll just use it for home type projects like pot holders and dish cloths and such.

My dad’s scarf, however, turned out better than I thought it was going to. At first I wasn’t too thrilled with how this variegated yarn was turning out. After taking a photo of it, I realized that that was because I was seeing it really close up. Seeing it from a few feet away, I noticed the really cool ripple effect that was created by a combination of the pattern and the yarn.

A closer picture of the scarf at the ends.

This is a closer image of the scarf showing off the basket weave-ish pattern. I think the next time I use this pattern, I'll alter the 6th and 12th (last rows before pattern switches) so that the scarf is reversible.

I’ve had a few guys tell me that they’re not a big fan of a scarf with tassels on the end. I can see that in some cases, but I really think they help make this scarf even more. I know Dad hasn’t seen any pics of it, so hopefully he’ll like it when he gets it when I head back to the ‘burgh for Thanksgiving.

I love this colorway of yarn. The only thing I hate about it is that KnitPicks discontinued it. I have the feeling they’re discontinuing the ones I like so that I learn how to dye yarn at some point. Won’t Adam be thrilled when I get to that and make a mess of the kitchen? Mwahahaha…

So the last big project I have on needles right now is my sister’s scarf. I think I’ll be able to finish that up relatively quickly. Then after that, I’m supposed to be knitting scarves for a few people at work (~wink, wink; nudge, nudge~ http://statesthattouch.wordpress.com/)

Work in Progress Wednesday

I thought that borrowing Nathan from California (@knit1eat1 on Twitter)’s “Work in Progress Wednesday” would be a good idea, so here is my first one complete with pictures.

First up, my sister’s raspberry stitch scarf:

Something looks different than earlier pictures, right?

Those who follow my blog will notice that something looks different (and possibly wrong with this). The difference is that it is now about half the length that it was. When I ordered the yarn, I noticed that they were two different lots. At first I thought that they were close enough that I could switch between them when I finished a ball. After finishing the first, I tried and it didn’t work. However, alternating them every 12 rows is producing a rather nice light to normal shade subtle striping pattern. The regular shade of it has light spots throughout that also help to blend the lighter lot in better. The reason I ended up with two different lots: Sheep Shop apparently went out of business long before I had ever heard of them.

Next up is the basket weave scarf that I am working on for my dad for a holiday gift:

It's coming along pretty quickly.

This scarf is actually coming along quickly and easily. I think the reason it’s coming along quickly is a combination of my improving at knitting, using bulky weight yarn (which I personally think is awesome for nice, warm scarves), and a pattern that is really easy to knit. This scarf may, however, be the first that I’ve done a pattern with a variegated yarn that I’m not 100% happy with, but I think it will work out with other patterns.

And last, but certainly not least, is my very first attempt at socks:

Aw, look at those widdle, tiny needles! They're so cute...and frustrating for my non-petite hands to hold onto...

I don’t mind using double-pointed needles. In fact, I’ve done two hat patterns that called for a circular needle with double-points because I found it easier (I also found the double cast-on the easiest when I started as well [yes, I know I’m weird]). However, these needles are very tiny at size US 2.5. The yarn is fingering weight and I’ve never worked with anything smaller than worsted before. However, this is proving to be an interesting project and I’m looking forward to seeing the end result. These are made using Knit Picks’ Stroll Multi Sock Yarn in Aloha.

Also, I can’t say how much I really do like ordering from Knit Picks (follow them on Twitter @KnitPicks). Their products are great and so is the customer service. I had a problem with an order and got a very polite response and resolution within an hour. If you order yarn from anywhere, definitely consider Knit Picks.

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