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Single Cable Scarf for Mom

One of my current projects is a scarf I’m making for my Mom as a gift for the holidays. Yes, I know that the holidays are a long way off, but I plan on making lots of gifts this year because I want to do and give something useful and fun.

I got parts of the idea for the pattern from a pillow pattern I was working on and kind of came up with the rest on my own. It has a cable running down the middle with a wider rib on either side and 6 stitches along the edges. The pattern is a set of 8 rows that just gets repeated for as long as you want the scarf to be. So far it’s turning out really well, but I am definitely going to have to block it like crazy.

I’m using KnitPicks Wool of the Andes Bulky Hand Dyed Yarn in Uptown. I’m pretty new to knitting and found KnitPicks and so far I really love their yarn. It’s soft and knits really well. Plus, the colorway (despite my crappy pictures below) is beautiful. Despite being┬ávariegated, the mix of colors actually really helps to bring out the pattern.

Please excuse the crappy quality of my photos. I have the bad habit of using my iPhone’s camera in crappy light.

The scarf with 2 sets of stitches done.

It may not look it in this pictures, but it's actually about 4 feet long now. It's really going to need to be blocked when it's finished.

I will definitely post more (and hopefully better) pictures when the scarf is done. I’ll definitely try to do a picture of the same section both before and after it is blocked to show the difference.

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